Of Bees & Boys: Lines from a Southern Lawyer

by Allen Mendenhall

Southern Literary Review editor and literary lawyer Allen Mendenhall examines in this collection of essays ideas about place, literature, reading, family, and custom from the vanishing perspective of a traditional Southerner. Whether he is lamenting the lack of learning among lawyers, recalling experiences with grandparents, or speculating about the impact of technology on scholarship, Mendenhall's distinctive prose, self-deprecating honesty, and contemplative tone make him one of our most interesting social critics. Always attentive to the profundities of everyday life, he evokes nostalgic feelings while expressing sometimes pointed, sometimes sensitive opinions that reflect a deep understanding of history, heritage, and the human condition.

"Of Bees and Boys is a delicious trip through a marvelous brain...Allen Mendenhall opens his prolific mind in these joyous pages."

—Hon. Andrew P. Napolitano,
Senior Judicial Analyst, Fox News Channel, Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law, Brooklyn Law School

"In this gorgeous collection of essays, Mendenhall ably and eloquently gives proof as to why he's one of the most important rising minds in America."

—Bradley J. Birzer,
Russell Amos Kirk Chair in History, Hillsdale College