A Part of Me

by Julia Nunnally Duncan

Newly adoptive parents celebrate their child as they welcome the new millennium.

A traveling circus performer past his prime stirs the heart of a local woman.

A daughter regrets lost opportunities with her late father during his final year in a nursing home.

A nineteenth century portrait of a mother and her dead child captures the horror of a deadly disease.

In this collection of fifty-seven poems, these reflections and others are shared with the reader. Vividly revealing a Western North Carolina woman's rural upbringing and the moments that have compelled her, A Part of Me honestly examines a life in its complexity of joy and heartache.

The author, Ron Rash, states, "With each new book, Julia Nunnally Duncan further establishes herself as one of North Carolina's finest poets."

The poet and novelist Fred Chappell describes this collection as a "spiritual biography in collage form... Duncan's every reader will be reminded of some person, place, or time important to recall in a quiet hour."